Ibuki sticks greasy foot in mouth

Readers of The Japan Times may already have noticed Japan Education Minister Bunmei Ibuki’s controversial statement that “Japan has been historically governed by the Yamato (Japanese) race. Japan is an extremely homogenous country. In its long, multifaceted history, Japan has been governed by the Japanese all the way.” While there is plenty to criticize about this quote (for example, exactly how far back is “all the way?” most of the criticism is really pretty obvious and not that interesting.

However, what has not yet been reported in English is another statement that Ibuki made in the same speech.

According to the Yomiuri:

He went on to compare human rights to butter. “If you just eat nothing but butter every day, then you will develop metabolic syndrome [ed: like diabetes I guess]. Human rights are important, but if you eat too much of it, then Japanese society will develop “human rights metabolic syndrome.”

I would like to thank Minister Ibuki for that delicious metaphor.

The Japanese Tradition

I’m sure everyone has seen the famous Sushi documentary by The Rahmens, but did you know that there actually were others in the series? I found two more on youtube, sadly with no subtitles but still good for anyone who can understand them.



An anthropomorphic Earth in Tokyo, as seen from space

Shibaura Water Recycling Center.JPG

O, the joys of Google Maps! Picture above is the roof of the Shibaura Water Recycling Center, located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, courtesy of the municipal Bureau of Sewerage (click the image to see the Google Maps representation). Why they decided to make their mascot, an anthropomorphic planet Earth wearing a manhole cover and Japan highlighted in red (see below), visible from above I have no idea, but it’s pretty sweet.

Earthy main07.gif

Self defense ministry

A revision of the Self Defense Agency Establishment Law that will upgrade the agency to ministry status is set to pass the lower house in 2 days and become law in this Diet session. The new entity will be known as “Self Defense Ministry.”

I just hope this isn’t what they have in mind:

self defense ministry patch1.gif

The Christian Martial Arts Association is an association of certified Christian martial artists world wide, who have united and become a part of our Lords great commission [ Mat.28: 19-20 ]. To teach certified top quality martial arts of all styles in a christian atmosphere. Allowing each instructor to open or operate a certified top quality martial arts school by the United States only Certified, Registerd Christian Martial Arts Association that will not go against the convictions of their relationship with Christ. Neither to be controlled or bound by a political or governing secular body, but who desires to stay true to the values of the Christian Martial Arts Association. To break down the walls between denominations and styles of born again believers in Christ. If we are truly believers in Christ then there should be no discord between us, but we should be in one accord as Paul wrote in Phil. 2: 2; Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.