Daleks to have da-legs

England’s tabloid The Sun brings this dire pronouncement “DALEKS could be given LEGS in the new series of Dr Who.” in the wake of the announcement that The Beeb has finally managed to negotiate the rights to include Daleks in the new series of Doctor Who. Incidentally, The Sun seems to take exclusive credit for this development. “The Sun last week won its battle to save the Daleks.

One of the ‘clever’ designs that The Sun has photoshopped for our enjoyment.

Gmail Fever Hits China Social Networks

Thousands of Chinese Internet users are queuing for Gmail accounts up on a BlogChina bulletin board called “Googler.” Despite the fact Gmail users have to hang in limbo for a couple of day, the site has seen hundreds of applicants roll in. A group of Chinese Gmail account holders started the forum to spread Gmail invitations on regular basis. Users who receive invitations are then encouraged to send invitations to fellow bloggers. A number of local social networking sites, including UUzone, have also opened Gmail communities to get the ball rolling. Pacific Epoch managed to sign up for a Gmail account but like many China based Gmail users can only sign in to the site – all other actions generate a “Report bug” response.