Tamogami, former ASDF “chife of stuff”, Running for Governor

Toshio Tamogami, rightwing blowhard and former Japan Air Force General, is officially running for Governor of Tokyo in February 9th’s election.

As you can see below, his official website profile is touting his strong credentials as “the former chife of stuff,ASDF”, in order to appeal to the Tokyo electorate’s strong appreciation for what is presumably intended to be some sort of executive experience.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.36.53 AM
Tamogami’s official website profile

Anyone reading this right now, as the blog is only just barely stirring from a long hibernation, will certainly remember my feature-length November 4, 2008 post on the fraudulent essay contest scandal that led to Tamogami’s resignation from the military, and his connections to the world of right-wing politics.

These connections, which were rather obscure when I analyzed them, have become common knowledge since, as Tamogami has moved into a career as a professional rightist blowhard and – now – political hopeful.

For the hilarious website text, I must tip my hat to Curzon, (once and?) future contributor to this blog.

And speaking of hilarity, there are rumors being reported that professional wrestler turned politician, Antonio Inoki, will also be entering the race. This would certainly make Adam’s day.

But Masuzoe Yōichi, who ran and lost to former governor Ishihara Shintaro in 1999, seems to be the favorite. At least, that is, should he actually decide to run.

And for pointing that out, a hat tip to Joe, just so I have everyone covered.

14 thoughts on “Tamogami, former ASDF “chife of stuff”, Running for Governor”

  1. … and Koizumi is making moves behind the scenes for an anti-nuclear candidate.

    … and rumors that Seagal is running for Arizona governor.

  2. He’s quite a character:

    “A bit of radiation in the environment is actually good for you.”

    “The main lesson of the Fukushima accident is that we can’t let Chinese buy land near military bases and nuclear power plants.”

    “We need to put a copy of the Kojiki in every hotel room in Japan.”

    “Reagan used the Imperial Rescript on Education to fix American education in the 1980s so we need to do that in Japan now.”

  3. I really don’t like Antonio Inoki’s red scarf nonsense. It takes away from him being a badass.

  4. This election is really shaping up to be way more interesting than the last national election, isn’t it?

  5. Good to see you posting again.

    This is interesting to hear. The Kojiki in every hotel room idea certainly sounds interesting… 🙂

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