Kabuki for lunch alert

You can always spot the undercover restaurant critics by their kabuki masks.

“Ms. Lemos, I presume,” I said with a mock flourish.

“Just call me Gael,” she said with a weary smile.

This weary smile will be familiar to anyone who has dined with a practicing restaurant critic and quizzed him or her on the strange, time-honored Kabuki dance that takes place between chefs and restaurateurs and the people whose job it is to cover them.

3 thoughts on “Kabuki for lunch alert”

  1. I just Google Newsed “Kabuki” and found this gem:

    “The government shutdown reality TV show proved to be the usual Washington D.C. kabuki theater.”

    Because sometimes one s–t metaphor per sentence just isn’t enough.

  2. My rule for the kabuki posts has always been to only highlight ones that I stumbled across just in the course of my regular media consumption, rather than searching it out. This highlights the insane ubiquity of the metaphor.

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