Hatoyama’s first wacky photo op as PM – foppiest PM ever?


Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama and his wife Miyuki made a hastily arranged appearance at this fashion show to raise money for the disabled. While I applaud their attempt to lend some celebrity cachet to the event, this is nothing less than an epically insane fashion disaster — wine-red jacket with matching belt and pattern shirt for Yukio, and a rumpled black jacket and what looks like a satin trash bag for a skirt. With this photo, Hatoyama has now become the foppiest prime minister in Japanese history. Thanks to Kyodo News (via Nikkei) for being there.

Miyuki has already started to make waves with her fashion choices. Just today I read fashion designer and occasional TV personality Don Konishi‘s column in Shukan Asahi in which he tore the first lady a new one for this photo taken at the Japanese school in Greenwich, Connecticut during the couple’s trip to the various summits.


He commented that maybe because she is a former actress (she was a Takarazuka performer in the 60s) she is going out of her way to stand out and look flashy and glamorous at a time when people generally want more humanity from their leaders. He didn’t mention it, but Michele Obama’s ultra-casual look springs to mind.

7 thoughts on “Hatoyama’s first wacky photo op as PM – foppiest PM ever?”

  1. What sort of face is the woman in the middle pulling?

    Oh, and wifey says that Mr Hatoyama’s ties (he’s almost always wearing a gold one) are chosen by his wife according to Feng Shui principles…

  2. He wore that same shirt in a news clip of him washing dishes. I think they call that 私物 in fashion magazines.

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