Koizumi Continues to Flout His Own Constitution!

Koizumi Yarmulke.jpg
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi respectfully places his hand on the Wailing Wall, one of Judaism’s most sacred sites, in Jerusalem on Thursday during a trip to the Middle East that takes him to Israel, the Palestinian territory and Jordan. (AP)
(From Nikkei)

Who will stop Koizumi from continuing these perverse, random acts of worship?!

7 thoughts on “Koizumi Continues to Flout His Own Constitution!”

  1. Should I practice Israeli way of “an eye for an eye” over North Korea? Is preemptive strike against North Korea constitutional or unconstitutional?
    ….PM Junichiro Koizumi

  2. All going abroad is “Graduation travel. ” for him of today.
    It was an event of the graduation travel that he had enjoyed it in Presley’s house.

    Because all the dead are Kami(Sacred soul) judging from religious sense of values of Japan, Kami of Yasukuni and all Kami of Jerusalem are same Kami. However, Jerusalem is not Japan.

    When I see such news, I am nervous as the Japanese people.

  3. This is calling out for a caption competition; the best I can do is something about Jun-chan getting the Martyrs of Shoah and Showa mixed up.

    Either that or he’s giving thanks that the wall wasn’t built by e-Homes or Aneha.

  4. ::insert eerie telepathy sound effect here::

    “Gentlemen, your wall wails because it just wants to be left alone”

  5. Yarmulke are often kept in place with a single bobby pin, which would of course be well concealed by Koizumi’s glorious mane.

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