Swan vs. turtle!

After today’s jogging trip, Mrs. Adamu and I witnessed this completely unprovoked swan attack:


(Taken with my cell phone across the street from the Imperial Palace, in the moat next to the Palace Hotel)

Look closely and you can see the turtle pulling its head into its shell for protection.

Thankfully, the turtle was unharmed after the attack:


3 thoughts on “Swan vs. turtle!”

  1. Both Mute Swan and Red-eared slider are considered as introduced alien species that require to be eliminated from Japanese ecosystems by Ministry of Environment.
    Kinda funny the moat of the imperial palace is being occupied by the resident of such.

    But then,there are some who think the residents dueling within the moat is also of
    alien origin being introduced to the rising sun back in the day,so in a way these exotics may suit this particular environment in Tokyo…..

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