Biking up and down Arakawa

I have finally discovered what a great service Flickr is! You can check my photos here.

My first slideshow for you is a set of pictures I took this afternoon on a bike trip up and down a fairly nondescript section of Arakawa, spanning Adachi and Arakawa wards.

The route was a circle on either side of this section of the river:
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Like many big rivers in Japan, the Arakawa has a paved road along the shore and is lined with dozens of athletic fields, open spaces, marshes, parks, and homeless encampments. It’s refreshing to see all the energy of that area- baseball players, soccer moms, skateboarders, hip-hop dancing high school kids.

2 thoughts on “Biking up and down Arakawa”

  1. If you select the “medium” size for the embedded slideshow then you get one 500 pixels wide that will fill the entire width of the content frame.

  2. The rivers are my favorite part of Tokyo, and it makes me sad to imagine that this city was once like Venice, back before all the canals were paved over to form avenues.

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