20 thoughts on “Aso’s new plan”

  1. Yes! Success! Awesome!

    I posted my version on my blog, but this is much better. The credit for finding the perfect cupcake for the prime minister, however, still rests with me.

  2. Cute. I think the cupcake should be at a different angle though – we’re seeing Aso from below, in a dramatic pose, but the cake from the top. But still fun.

  3. If I actually had a cupcake I would take a photo at the right angle instead of relying on one nabbed off the web. And then, of course, eat the cupcake.

  4. What would be coolest is to get a cupcake, hold it in your hand and photograph it from the same angle, then photoshop it in, perhaps hand and all.

  5. And if I was back home in New Jersey I could get my hands on a cupcake like that in minutes. However, here in Kyoto…

  6. Well, what about a muffin from Mr Donuts? Or a slice of actual cake? I’m tempted to try this myself – especially as I get to eat the muffin….

  7. Any comment with a URL gets flagged for spam moderation so they take some time to appear. Nice work though! Anyone else want to try?

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