The horrors of local government

For a while I was taking comfort in the notion that if I ever lost my job, I could naturalize and become a local politician like Anthony Bianchi or Jon Heese. At least it would be a more interesting experience than the salaryman grind, right?

Well, watching this clip of city council petitioners in Santa Cruz, California has really made me question that idea.

8 thoughts on “The horrors of local government”

  1. Yipes. One would think that with Mr. MENSA for a governor that Californians would in general be more intelligent…

    [disclaimer: Massachusetts citizen]

  2. Oh, my.

    As a teacher, of course, my first inclination is to start correcting them. I’d never make it as a politician: my constituents wouldn’t like their grades…..

  3. In the clip,I see me in the future….
    Yelling about the crisis in U.S-Japan relation and name calling people.

  4. Having not watched the video yet, I have to just say one thing here:

    Jon Heese actually got himself onto the Tsukuba city council? Jesus Tapdancing Christ. I knew the guy a few years back. Wow. Just… wow. I hope he’s changed.

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