All about the PM’s trip abroad

I have waited far too long for this:




Japan’s former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi wears a Vietnamese soldier’s ‘Viet Cong’ hat and shawl during his visit to Cu Chi tunnel system in southern Ho Chi Minh city November 14, 2007. Koizumi is in Vietnam on a three-day visit.


November 16: Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, left, speaks to Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet in Hanoi on Friday. (AP)

In other news, some wormy-looking guy named Fukuda is visiting with President Bush. God I hope there’s an election soon.

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  1. His facial feature is one of the typical ones in his father’s birthplace. I don’t think it’s decent to express one’s facial feature with a wormy word. Although he looks wormy to you, he has a surume-like character, methinks. He is a tastefull person.

  2. Wormy looking guy is back in town after 26 hours stay in the capitol of free world.
    No Crawford,No Camp David,and No Graceland this time.But still,I had to switch the story of Alopecia areata patient get-together from the top story.
    And one bad news for you.No election within this year.

  3. Gee I wonder if Fukuda will ever get to address Congress. Koizumi almost had the chance and then he completely fucked it up by trying his best to piss into China’s eye over Yasukuni. Instead of a congressional address he got to fanny about with Bush in Graceland. Big ups to the K-dawg.

    Koizumi’s value as a PM can be summed up in four points:

    1) The appropriation and extension of a reform package that was already in the works
    2) A source of contention with China
    3) A repositioning of the LDP away from the center that would, after initial success, bite the party in the ass
    3) Fodder for ladies magazines, wide shows and blogs.

  4. And it is that last point that I miss so very very dearly. Koizumi posts aren’t even very good traffic generators, they’re just fun.

  5. I agree – what’s the point of having a leader if he’s not entertaining? Why do you think Bush got four more years? He’s funnier than Kerry.

  6. “Why do you think Bush got four more years? He’s funnier than Kerry.”

    How do you explain Helen Clark?

  7. M-Bone, I know you know the caliber of NZ’s opposition leaders. Compared to them Helen is a riot.

  8. “How do you explain Helen Clark?”

    Wot Bryce said. Although I don’t know who the leader of the NZ opposition is without looking him up (Cullen?) I am pretty sure that he’s not as entertaining as Helen, about whom you can always wonder about when s/he got her operation and what he did before it. Plus the fact that NZ doesn’t have the US-style stand-up-comedy style of electioneering over about three decades every four years.

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