Adam “Swamp Donkey” Richards, up-and-coming heavyweight

‘Swamp Donkey’ Richards’ boxing career rising with help from Holyfield

swamp-donkey.jpgBoxing has had a pair of Sugar Rays, an Iron Mike and a Raging Bull, among others.

Now there’s Swamp Donkey. That’s right — Swamp Donkey.

No, Adam Richards is not from Louisiana or Florida or anyplace else generally associated with swamps. The 26-year-old Riverdale High School graduate and former MTSU student does pack a mule-like wallop, though, which makes him an attraction in the world of professional boxing. An original nickname, even if it is a bit unusual, does not hurt either.

“More people (in boxing circles) know me by ‘Swamp’ or ‘Swamp Donkey’ than my own name,” he said. “It’s really taken off. It’s catchy. If you look up on the Internet, I get a little grief. There’s a lot of people who make fun of it and a lot of people who like it. You’re going to have either way.”

For the better part of the last three years, though, Richards’ career has been headed in one direction — up.

Earlier this month he moved into the top 100 heavyweights in the world, according to at least one ranking source. For the past two years he has worked with one of the sport’s leading trainers, Ronnie Shields, in the same Houston camp as former world champion Evander Holyfield.

What this article doesn’t tell you is that he took the name “Swamp Donkey” because his boxing buddies kept getting him confused with a certain blogger…

(I’ve noted Swamp before)

4 thoughts on “Adam “Swamp Donkey” Richards, up-and-coming heavyweight”

  1. Just checked out the dude’s record – the only time that he has fought a guy with a decent record (the then 7-0 Kevin Petty who has recently been blown out by light hitting Canadian Dale Brown who is not even a heavyweight) he got his ass knocked out. I don’t think that your namesake is going to be a champ anytime soon….

    Of course, that means that he may become a tomato can and join K-1. That would be interesting….

  2. When I do a google search of myself, I’m either a quality whiskey glass, a professional icehockey player or the lascivious anti-hero of a pulp period romance novel.

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