“Adam Richards” to appear on Japanese TV

According to Yahoo, Adam “Swamp Donkey” Richards, the cruiserweight boxer, will appear on Japanese pay channel Wowow tonight at 8pm, when they will show highlights from his March 13 attempt to take the WBO cruiserweight title away from current champion Marco Huck in Germany, Huck’s home turf:

アンドレ・ディレル vs アルツール・アブラハム マルコ・フック vs アダム・リチャーズ アレクサンデル・ポベトキン vs ファビエル・モーラ
[初][HV][W] エキサイトマッチ~世界プロボクシング #3 激戦の”スーパー・シックス”、ディレルvsアブラハム! ・S・ミドル級12回戦  アンドレ・ディレル vs アルツール・アブラハム ~3月27日/アメリカ・ミシガン州 ・WBO世界クルーザー級タイトルマッチ  マルコ・フック vs アダム・リチャーズ ・ヘビー級10回戦  アレクサンデル・ポベトキン vs ファビエル・モーラ ~3月13日/ドイツ
解説:ジョー小泉、浜田剛史 実況:高柳謙一 進行:中島そよか

I won’t ruin the match for anyone planning to watch, but suffice to say Huck is still the champion. The Wowow synopsis of the fight notes that while Richards won several titles as an amateur and boasts a fairly impressive professional career, he has so far not gone up against many powerful fighters.

I am happy someone with my name is having some success, but if he ever wins and gets famous it could complicate my life a little bit. From this video he seems like a pretty down to earth guy who can remember every detail of his fights. Also watch for how much exercise he can do without breaking a sweat (it’s a lot more than me):

5 thoughts on ““Adam Richards” to appear on Japanese TV”

  1. I hear you on the “could complicate my life” thing. In the 2006 WBC an umpire named Bob Davidson made some questionable calls that got Japanese baseball fans up in arms; I was very glad that it had been him and not the guy named Peter Durfee, who was also brought over to call the games in Japan.

  2. What in tarnation is a “swamp donkey”?

    Do I have to look this up in the Urban Dictionary? If so, is the definition SFW?

  3. If you go to adamswampdonkeyrichards.com you can see his awesomely retro website. It’s packed with boxing donkey imagery but doesn’t actually explain the name’s origin. Maybe it is filthy.

  4. Yeah,but we Japanese can’t tell the difference between white guy A and white guy B by their outlook,thus the name matters.

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