Today’s trivia – 2007.2.19

Joseph Conrad’s famous novel Heart of Darkness was based on the author’s experiences in the Belgian Congo. King Leopold II of Belgium had originally wanted to establish his colony in the Philippines, but Spain refused to sell the islands to him. When the film Apocalypse Now, set in Vietnam and based on the novel Heart of Darkness, was made they filmed it in the Philippines.

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  1. My turn.
    In 1979,another movie influenced by Joseph Conrad was made.It was set inside of the spaceship called Nostromo and the seven crew on aboard were attacked by space monster,Only one suvivor evacuated from exploding ship in the life saving vessel called Narccisus.It was”ALIEN”.directed by British filmmaker Ridley Scott and produced by American director Walter Hill(48Hours,Street of Fire).

    Hill made a movie based loosely on the story written by John Milius,one of the screen playwriter of “Apocalyous Now”.Story sets in the other side of Rio Grande. where renegade American special force officer became drug kingpin and built his own kingdom along with his men.Nick Nolte as a Texas ranger go beyond the border to get the Colonel .A Deja Vu.

    2years later Milius sets out directing his own film.”Farewell to the King”(89)
    This time Nick Nolte was the renegade-American-setting-his-own-Kingdom-in-the- middle-of-nowhere,only now it is in Borneo during WW2.Synopsis is a British officer parachute down in the jungle of Boreo and encounter the legendary white Rja of the Dayak tribes(Nolte).Rja,an American deserter(what else?)from Korehidor and together they fight the cannibal Japanese.
    “Lord Jim” plus overused”Heart of the Darkness”plot.Wasn’t bad actually.

  2. OOPS.Walter Hill movie is called “Extreme Prejudice”(87).
    Looks like i’ve ruined whole comment.

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