Aso’s cultural diplomacy: so far so good

If Foreign Minister Taro Aso can keep wonderful photo opportunities like this up, I would support him for prime minister no matter who he might want to nuke:

Aso Bulgarian Sumo l2305389.jpg

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso, front centre, poses with Bulgaria’s sumo wrestlers during the opening ceremony of a donation to Bulgarian Sumo Federaton, in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Thursday, Jan.

Bulgaria was likely singled out as it’s the home country of star Sumo wrestler Kotooshu. Kotooshu is currently an ozeki, one rank under Yokozuna, though he is unlikely to achieve yokozuna status, the top rank in the sport, for some time (Japanese  Mongolian wrestler Hakuho might make it this year to the delight of people who want to see more Japanese Mongolian faces in the sport).

Aso has made promotion of Japanese cultural exports, chiefly anime and manga, a priority as he sees it integral to cultivating Japan’s “soft power.” You can read the details of his cultural diplomacy ideas (essentially, the main pillar in building a “Japan brand”) here.

16 thoughts on “Aso’s cultural diplomacy: so far so good”

  1. Now, should I be offended by
    a)Adamu who misread my country based on prejudice.(again)
    or b)Adamu who misrepresented my countryfolk of adopted homeland.

  2. OK I’ll take c).

    M-Bone:Speaking of Aso and Mongolia,One night I was watching midnight TV.週刊アサ秘ジャーナル,hosted by The Asakusa Kid cruising Nagatacho meeting politicians. Aso was a keen reader of Japanese Mongologist.Okada Hidehiro岡田英弘’ s book
    「この厄介な国、中国」 Okada is a great Mongologist,however this is a terrible,terrible book.Also in the bookshelves, his favourite manga …..GOLGO13!
    “Everything you need to know about diplomacy,I learned in this manga”,said he in the program….
    Maybe Aso should just forget the diplomacy and stick to the culture part.

    By the way, could I have a hint on your Japan Focus artile?

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