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My quick letter to YouTube:

Dear Youtube:

It looks like dozens of videos of 12-year-old Japanese actress Saaya Irie are making their way around your site. At least one video was popular enough to appear on the top videos of Japanese YouTube search site, Qooqle Clippers. I watched the video, and it’s of Irie in a white bikini with a cameraman in the background telling her to pose. She is 12 years old making suggestive poses. It looks like something out of a Stephen King novel. One hopes that a nightmare sewer clown killed the cameraman moments after the video was shot.

As much as I like your service, videos of this nature are highly inappropriate and may be illegal under US law. In the off chance that you view one of the many videos on your site depicting Saaya Irie and conclude that she is engaging in nothing more risque than normal child modeling, let me assure you that she is intended for the Japanese softcore child porn consuming public, as has been documented (see links below). Often in Japan, child acts make a show of appealing to fellow youngsters while in fact courting older fans who then purchase “photobooks” that feature no nudity but are nevertheless softcore pornography. While tolerated in Japan, an American site should not in good conscience enable this behavior. Considering the extent to which you accommodate copyright holders to ensure that infringing content is deleted in good faith, I can only hope you will make the utmost effort to remove material that depicts child exploitation as well.



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8 thoughts on “Saaya Irie on YouTube”

  1. I’m confused too. It may be scuzzy, but she’s not naked, and it certainly isn’t illegal.

  2. Go, go, moral panic. It’s always nice to know there are good-natured vigilantes who suspect me of being a pedophile.

    Saaya Irie is a pop-cultural phenomenon. Her breasts, exceeding normal size, are too large to be contained!

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is. Sure, it was shady to promote a girl her age as a sex symbol and especially for her parents to go along with it, but I’m sure most people watching these videos are just doing it for the freak show thrill. I mean, didn’t you watch any of the videos? I watched about a minute of one before I decided it was a:boring and b:her sad, confused expression was not amusing to me. But again, creepy, but not illegal. You can’t go around attacking free speech for anything short of real child pornography.

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