Saaya Irie, cohorts to Stop Posing in Bikinis — MF Breathes Sigh of Relief

In an earlier story that provoked a lot of interest here at MF, we reported that Chinese internet forums were humming with interest over model Saaya Irie, an 11-year-old girl with gigantic breasts, pictures of whom were apparently uploaded by Japanese trolls (Good background at Wikipedia as usual).

Message to the sick perverts who flooded me with confounding rationalizations for why it’s OK to get wood to an 11-year-old: You should be ashamed! Your intense pedophilic interest for an 11-year-old girl has creeped her and her associates out so badly that she has decided never to pose in a bikini again, reports Nozomi Online (a Jpop news site in need of a proofreader) in October 2005:

As a result of all this attention, the members of [Irie’s] singing troupe “Sweet Kiss,” which include 13-year old Runa and 11-year old Jessica, have also considered no longer posing in bikini’s [sic]. A statement by Ishida Yuuichiro, the groups management, revealed that they had never expected such feedback from the internet and adult magazines. He concludes that although the media attention was beneficial for the group, he didn’t want them to focus on Saaya’s large breasts and wanted the group to be recognized for talent and not Saaya’s large breasts.

I and all other rational souls out there commend the decision to keep the girls clothed (But wait a minute! Run your mouse over the “News” section of Sweet Kiss’s official site — bikinis!). But one look at the cleavage-centric photos in question makes it clear that Ishida is being, shall we say, a little disingenuous. I can believe that he was surprised, and even disturbed, at how well the exploitation worked, but his claim that the supposedly immense “talent” of a group of preteens is getting unfairly outshined because of one member’s unfortunate growth spurt goes beyond ludicrous. In this light, Nozomi Online’s take on the issue is puzzling:

The most terrifying aspect of Sweet Kiss might be that the fledgling group, with next to no ties to the music and television industries, might depend on the media stir caused by the oversized bust of a girl yet to enter her teenage years. Only the future holds the answer to whether or not the artistic integrity of the group can overcome an overflowing F-cup.

Indeed, it is terrifying to think that the public exploitation and sexual objectification of young girls are considered normal in Japan. But don’t be so quick to exculpate the people who took the photos in the first place!

In closing, here’s a quick look at the Japanese blogosphere (facts NOT checked, excluding the multitude of “elogs” (erogu ‘erotic blogs’) featuring her photos):

  • Irie makes screen debut in “Shibuya Ghost Story 2: The REAL Urban Legends”
  • Japanese Idol blog “Because cool otaku won’t disgust cute women” comments on Irie within a post on a different “low teen idol” (read: underage sex object): “There was a girl named Saaya Irie that was in the news, but she will likely fade away after a scandal in which she called her own fans ‘disgusting.'” A blessing in disguise, Saaya-chan! Get out while there’s still time! (Note: there are many many Japanese Idol blogs in the Japanese blogosphere that take advantage of Amazon’s agent program)

Looking at these two developments together, things seem to be looking up for young Irie. She’s renouncing softcore pornography, alienating would-be degenerate admirers, and pursuing a career in real (albeit trashy-sounding) films. Way to go!

7 thoughts on “Saaya Irie, cohorts to Stop Posing in Bikinis — MF Breathes Sigh of Relief”

  1. Wait wait, lemme get this straight …. She sings? With all I had seen of her, I thought she just posed for photos all day.

  2. Well, don’t be too surprised. Just about every “idol” at least acts, models, and sings. The managers/agents try and merchandise them in every way possible, even if it means stretching their talents, such as they are, a little thin.

  3. It’s bad she is exploited at an early age. But its worse when exploitation is focused on sexuality. Her manager is to be blamed for this phedophilic stimulation. If her manager thinks that she’s unnaturally sexy for an 11 year old, then why would they let her show her voluptous body? Perverts or ordinary guys, they are no saints to say they pity the child and don’t want her dress like that. Or they are hypocrites.

    But it is already there. Exploited, there is nothing to do to save her innocent reputation unless she quit to sing (if she has any talent at all) so as to avoid any further phedophilic provocation.

  4. Oh My Goodness – exploited, I dont think so !
    Ever heard of Britney Spears ? How old was she haveing sex and posing nude, this girl is not even posing nude.
    We wont even start on naturalism and nudists.
    Get real, its their culture, you dont have to look if you dont want.

  5. I happen to be a sorta big busted 13 year old myself and I would NEVER show my boobs to anyone but my boyfriends,and I don’t let them touch or take pictures either.

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