The future is a filthy place

And you thought that Taiwan’s cyborg god-pigs were the ultimate runaway technological threat of the 2030’s. Even though they’re a month old already, I only just ran across these truly disturbing photos of China’s first face transplant, and they are just the first taste of the unspeakable horrors to come.

My prediction: Ten years from now Nicholas Kristof will be doing a series on multimedia heavy columns for the New York Times web site about the sad lack of response byinternational humanitarian groups to the new problem of sex tourists in SE Asia buying children to have them smuggled across the Chinese border to underground surgeries where they are transformed into half human/half beast chimaera to fulfill the deviant sexual desires of men (and a smaller number of women) who wish to realize their fantasies of laying with say, a centaur, mermaid, harpy, or some twisted creation of their own mind.
Imagine the furry phenomenon, except instead of just being stupid and slightly hilarious, it is instead the most evil species of crime ever perpetrated by humanity against itself.
On the plus side, if I get into a disfiguring car accident, I can probably go to China and get half of my face replaced with that of some endangered animal species, like a gorilla, or maybe a lion.

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  1. My idealistic nature tells me that if you never said that then no one else would consider such a gruesome fetish. Ick!

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