Taiwan’s pigs grow ever more fearsome

You may have already heard that researchers here in Taiwan have just perfected the technology of genetically modifying pigs to glow in the dark. This is apparently going to be very useful for research, since every scrap of pig material also glows green, and I imagine lets you more easily locate bits that you’ve dropped on the floor.

According to the report, “In daylight the researchers say the pigs’ eyes, teeth and trotters look green. Their skin has a greenish tinge.”

There is no word yet on how bioluminescence will affect the God Pig industry. According to a report last year in the Taipei Times “some farmers even pour metal into their pigs before a contest in order to increase the swine’s weight.” All said, we seen to be well on the way to one-ton partially metallic bioluminescent god pigs. All it takes it one minor lab accident and we’re in the middle of a 1950’s horror movie.

6 thoughts on “Taiwan’s pigs grow ever more fearsome”

  1. Saw this on CNN this morning, but they only had some really crappy footage of it that didn’t even show them glowing in the dark, and the copy kept referring to Porky Pig and “porkers.” Ick.

  2. Trotter is a pig’s foot.

    All I can think of is the potential for nighttime pig hunting (wild pig hunting is big around here): if you could release some of these pigs into the wild and get the gene into the wild pig gene pool… oh, wait. Natural selection means that the glowing pigs will get picked off first. Never mind.

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