Japan Today: 9-13% of high school girls regret having sex: poll

I guess the lesson here is make sure you actually like the guy before you give it up! From Japan Today:

Sunday, February 20, 2005 at 17:27 JST
TOKYO — Some 9-13% of high school girls in Japan said they regret having sex for the first time, while nearly half of those polled said they are ambivalent, survey organizers said Saturday.

It is the first time a survey of this kind had been conducted, according to a federation of parent-teacher associations for high schools nationwide.

In analyzing the survey results, Masako Kihara, an assistant professor of social epidemiology at Kyoto University, said the students may have felt regret or confusion as they engaged in sex for the first time because they were prodded by a deluge of information about sex. (Kyodo News)