The Strange Case of Abiru Yuu あびる優の窃盗事件(キャプ+英語解説)

UPDATE:映像だ!映像きたー!Watch the video here!
She'd steal your heart without you even knowing it.
Blowing up the headlines at 2ch news is the case of Abiru Yuu (18), the Japanese idol who admitted to robbing a supermarket, leading to the store’s eventual bankruptcy. The admission came on a Feb. 15 broadcast of Nippon TV’s “Coming Doubt” where secrets are revealed about certain stars and other celebrities have to guess whether the allegations are true. You can see a screen capture (with convenient subtitles) here. Here is a translation of the captions:

(A still of Abiru smiling) Abiru Yuu once participated in a group theft that bankrupted a store.
Upper right caption: True or false? Abiru Yuu once participated in a group theft that bankrupted a store.
ABIRU: Well, it was a while ago… we took out whole boxes.. it went on for about 6 months…
ABIRU: Oh, I guess (the shop) did close down… I can’t say for sure whether the place closed as a result of what we did…
(Still of Abiru) Is Abiru’s confession TRUE or FALSE???
(Abiru hangs head in shame and holds up a placard saying “True”)

What’s so offensive, apparently, is that she didn’t seem at all remorseful, laughing and joking about it the whole time. She has made a name for herself as a character who offends people, so she perhaps thought this was just a part of the act. (More background [Japanese] can be found here)

Nippon TV has apologized
about the incident, saying it was “inappropriate” to use such a topic in a quiz show. It was explained at a press conference that the incident occurred when she was in the 3rd grade (elementary) and is very sorry about it. Hori Productions has suspended Abiru and fired her manager.

Despite this, many on 2ch (vote here to decide what should happen to her 😮 ) and the net have called for her arrest, presumably because they are so shocked at her flippant attitude. There would be some difficulty proving that, however, as the statute of limitations on such a crime is 7 years and the Hori Productions people are insisting it happened before the now 18-year-old idol was 11.

Personally, I’m not going to try and get someone arrested over what they did at age 11. She’s hot, so let it go already! These people are just jealous.

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  1. 18 years old? A robbery when she was 11 years old? (Or third grade? that doesn’t make sense!) Anyway, I don’t know the statute of limitations in the case, but the prosecution could certainly make a case…

  2. Even if she stole merchandise by the case-load (which, given the weight of such boxes, would be nigh-impossible for a 3rd grader), I don’t really see how she could bankrupt a business. Unless it was going bankrupt already …

  3. she must be stupid
    and she’s not really working, even if she’s on tv she just sits here :/

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