Steven Seagal: This man is a pimp

Fuck Yeah!
Steven Seagal, action star, martial artist, soda salesman, but above all… pimp. Here are just a few reasons why we must all fear and admire Steven Seagal, king of all gaijin:

–He has been married three times and had 5 children with 2 women

–Despite being a Japanophile has three children with Kelly LeBrock

–Is an Aikido master AND a kendo master

–Is a vegetarian

–Doesn’t need an interpreter when making Japanese press conferences

–Plays Jamaican guitar

–Broke Sean Connery’s wrist

The impetus for this glowing post is his his son, Kentaro’s marriage. The actor, currently working in Japan, got married the other day to his father’s former assistant, Malaysian model Intz.
Picture of the son with his wife:
And for good measure, here‘s a site by his ex-wife dedicated to his daughter. Here is a sample:
Jackie Chan
With Jackie Chan

You can see some montages of her commercials on the site.

OK, well that’s enough of that. Enjoy!

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  1. No idea, MF, but I forgot perhaps the most important reason to respect Seagal-sama: he’s FILTHY RICH.

  2. He has six children by three women. Two by his first wife, three with LeBrock and one with his children’s former nanny.

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