5 fun examples of Tochigi-ben (or whatever Mrs. Adamu’s family speaks)

After a long hiatus, Mrs. Adamu is back with a blog post about her local dialect, Tochigi-ben. She grew up in Ashikaga through elementary school and spent the rest of her school days in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture. We visit about once a month with her immediate family who still live in Chiba.

During my trips there, in addition to noticing strange Christian signs I’ve managed to pick up some phrases of the local dialect from her relatives. Some examples:

1. 「わりかし」= 意外と 
Her father says this a lot, especially when he buys sashimi from his favorite roadside merchant.
A cute term for cockroach. They do appear from time to time.
I use this one mainly as a joke because her family says いぐど! all the time as if they have a cold.
This ends up sounding kind of angry a lot of the time.
5. 疑問形語尾の「ん?」
  「もう食べたん?」「寝てたん?」「テレビ見てるん?」 (= もう食べたの? etc)
This one Mrs. Adamu uses herself all the time when talking on the phone to relatives.