Some amazing Japanese book covers from early 20th century

A wonderful blog devoted to scans of vintage graphic design has a series of seriously incredible posts with dozens of old Japanese book and magazine covers.

–Tokyo Flashback – Vintage Design and Illustration From Japan
Oedipus at Hiroshima – Living Design in Japan
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Early 20th century Japanese magazine covers
Early 20th century Japanese book covers
Japan’s First Illustrated Book
Mad Men and Friends
Forty-five thousand dollar leftovers
Yukihiko Tajima’s Gion Matsuri
Eraserhead vs. Protractorhead
Takei Takeo Lab of Ornithology
Takeo Takei – Children’s Day in Japan, 1936
The Wonders of Life on Earth – Yokoo details

Some particular favorites of mine are this cover of the Japanese translation of Kipling’s The Jungle Book, from 1928.

This super art-deco airplane and city-scape.

This Osaka Puck cover, which reminds me of a Japanese version of DC’s golden age Sandman character.

This cover to Forensic Science Magazine.

This boy riding a rabbit like it’s Falkor.

This poster for what I think was a stage play by the name of 夜叉奇想, or “Demon Fantasy,” by Kara Juro.

And this lovely little Children’s book by Takeo Takei.

But they’re all pretty great, and I recommend looking at every single one.