Pick a cause, any cause…

From Tokyo Reporter:

I can spot at least the following:
* Reform the constitution to allow for the SDF to be a real defense force
* Eliminate retirement pay for criminal diet members
* Eliminate the research allowance for [certain?] diet members
* Strengthen the Anpo [US alliance?]
* Eliminate the Teacher’s Union
* Long live the Emperor
* Political Corruption Prevention Law

11 thoughts on “Pick a cause, any cause…”

  1. “Cut off relations with China”


    “Expel malicious lawyers” – probably the ones that support progressive causes.

  2. The banner about the Anpo does seem to say (日米)同盟安保強化. While other rightwing groups have an anti-American bent, wanting Japan to arm itself and expel the bases, this group is anti-China and wants to strengthen the military alliance with the US to spite China. The Senkaku incident has brought such sentiments out into the open more than usual.

  3. Wataru, virtually the entire far right has been anti-China since the 1990s and increasingly since 2005. They have broken down between pro and anti-American factions since the 1980s. Some hedge their bets – like Tamogami who is all for the alliance sometimes and all for a nuclear Japan going its own way at others. What the Senkaku incident has led to is centrists shelving Futenma concerns and pushing for a closer alliance. I don’t know of anyone of prominence on the far right (which is, of course, prominence within a subculture, virtually everyone in the mainstream right – like Abe – are pro American) who has switched to pro American since September. In fact, some are blaming America for Japan’s inability to face down China.

  4. “Isn’t that just「中国交新色」? As in, “Change the way we deal with China.””

    My gut feeling was 日中国交断絶. Seems like something he would say.

  5. Thanks for the uncropped photo! I like how it also includes “Root out amakudari!” and “The anti-Japan DPJ fuckers who are trying to lead the people of Japan into Communism should flee back to their ancestral country!”

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