25 thoughts on “Seiken Koutai 2: The Wrath of Kan”

  1. I would have made one small change and called it “the Path of Kan”.

    There is no evidence that he is motivated by vengeance like the Ricardo Montalban character. But it’s very likely that he would shift the government’s strategy from what has resembled a political circle jerk.

  2. Did you make this or find it on some image board?? Gotta specify dude!

  3. Yes we Kan! Hope he’s not another puppet of Ozawa though Maehara should go for it Sengoku, and even Osaka’s Hashimoto as well!

  4. To be followed by

    Seiken Koutai 3: The Search for Seiji
    Seiken Koutai 4: The Voyage Ren-Home
    Seiken Koutai 5: The Final Kan-tier
    Seiken Koutai 6: The Undiscovered Kamei
    and Seiken Koutai: Koizumi Generations

    …wherein the ship gets destroyed yet again, and magically recommissioned for the next episode.


    I’ve already done this two or three times when asked who I think will be the next PM. Hope to keep doing it for at least a year.

  6. Doh! Will edit and re-up soon.

    Also, which of those sequels is the one where the DPJ travels to earth to hunt all the whales for science?

  7. BTW, I’d welcome any suggestions as to the graphics as to what could be improved.

  8. The Enterprise should be Ren Ho shooting lasers out of her eyes. I guess that would also mean that the Diet building should be Kasumigaseki, but I’m not sure how one would visualize that…

  9. Geez, we all know where this ends up, right? Borgs. Assimilation for all! I, for one, look forward to being deconstructed back into the matrix once I am deemed no longer useful…oh, wait…

  10. “I’d welcome any suggestions as to the graphics as to what could be improved.”

    Add Samuel L. Jackson to the cast just because.

  11. Instead of a phaser, the weapon might be a photon torpedo made to look like that astigmaticky Double Rising Sun the DPJ uses as a symbol.

    Coming up with a different spaceship than Enterprise is hard. Although the Romulans did borrow the Klingon design in the Original Episodes.

  12. Hi
    I’m writing a post on our new prime minister for Global Voices Japan and I’d love to use this picture. May I?
    I would link to your blog and add the name of the author, of course.

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