We’ve seen this one before, haven’t we

Spurned lover’s poisoned curry revenge

Day after day Lakhvir Singh sat in the dock at the Old Bailey, usually with her eyes closed, as family members and her love rival gave evidence against her.

From her arrest – of which a police officer said: “She appeared calm and controlled and did not show emotions” – right up to her conviction, Singh appeared detached from the cruel death she inflicted on a man she professed to love.

The court heard how the 45-year-old mother-of-three had a secret affair with Lakhvinder Cheema, which lasted 16 years.

But two weeks before he was due to be married to Gurjeet Choongh, “lovesick” Singh, laced a pot of curry with Indian aconite, which is known as the “queen of poisons”.

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  1. Sorry this comment is unrelated, but what happened to the comments of your post on tourist behaviors ? Got trolled badly ?

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  3. @francois

    Gotta wonder why Curzon continues to post on MFT at all. Really, wtf does Chinese graffiti in Abu Dhabi have to do with Japan? Well, it did give him a chance to show off his casual, British-colonialism-inflected racism: Chinese tourists – they need to be housebroken! Like dogs!


    -“No Chinese or dogs”

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