Guy eats Y4000 worth of Yoshinoya, then robs the place

Yeah, that’s what happened. A middle aged man ate 10 separate items including several full meals at a Kobe Yoshinoya, waited until there were no other customers, and then robbed the place with a wooden chopstick, nabbing Y80,000. He is still at large. How he could still move after 10 meals, let alone make a run for it, I will never understand.

18 thoughts on “Guy eats Y4000 worth of Yoshinoya, then robs the place”

  1. Well, one of the items WAS just a potato salad…

    It doesn’t actually say he used a chopstick but a “short, slender rod” of some kind. I guess it could have been something like one of those mini-bats.

  2. “がっちりした体形.”
    I wonder if he looked that way before or after consuming that ungodly volume. I imagine packing that much delicious don into your system would make for a fairly effective escape disguise.

  3. When some folks and I traveled to New York a few years ago, we went around a few upscale restaurants but the meal that was the most satisfactory was easily a nightime Yoshinoya donburi. ¥4000 gets you what, a sliver of bluefin tuna at Nobu’s?

  4. Apeescape: Cheap fast food in NYC is great- maybe high end restaurants were unsatisfying, but I’d MUCH rather have a good falafel or slice of pizza than go to the 42nd St YoOshinoya.

  5. Japanese fast food options in the US are set to increase. CoCo Ichibanya has just announced plans to open a store in LA next year. It will be a joint venture with House Food.

  6. Roy – Gogo Curry is not bad. I hated it the first time, but then I decided it was rather good. I live in its hometown, and if you go when Matsui has done something impressive they give discounts. I prefer it to CocoIchiban, which is pretty bland really. At least Gogo is different. And always get an extra helping of ‘ru’.

  7. I could swear the last time I went to Yoshinoya (this was more than six months ago) I pulled some wooden disposable chopsticks out of that little box on the table. Did they change their policy?

    On the curry front, I saw news that Coco Ichiban is opening up in California. Japanese curry is invading from both coasts!

  8. Well, I’ll definitely be trying Gogo Curry if I end up living in New York after Kyoto, which is a possibility. I see they even deliver-but only in Midtown. Maybe they’ll open up some more locations.

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