Fishing on the tetrapods

On Tuesday, I took a long bike trip from my home in Ayase to Kasai Rinkai Park in Edogawa-ku. While I recover (going long distances on a mamachari can be tiring), I will post some photo highlights (you can see the whole album here).

First up we have this guy fishing on the tetrapods. Not sure what he is trying to catch, but maybe these tetrapods in the middle of the river give him a strategic position away from other fishermen.

This photo was taken from the Kasaibashi bridge.

2 thoughts on “Fishing on the tetrapods”

  1. (going long distances on a mamachari can be tiring)

    I can vouch for that. I once rode up from the Shonan area to Tokyo Station and back. I really don’t recommend it. Have also ridden into Tokyo Station from Fuchu – what I remember about that one is how black it left the inside of my nose from the fumes on Route 20….

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