Awesome eclipse pics and video

(Updated with video below)

The solar eclipse this morning was absolutely gorgeous. Watched on NHK’s live streaming coverage, you could see the sunlight flicker as it peeked out from behind the moon.  Here is what it looked like from Iwo Jima:



Asahi has a nice photo gallery of views from around the country. The full eclipse was only visible on outlying islands in southern Japan, but much of the rest of the country could enjoy a partial eclipse if the weather was right.

NHK will have user-submitted videos on its site momentarily.

Update: Here is some sweet aerial video footage from Asahi Shimbun:

And here is NHK with video and running commentary from Iwo Jima. I love how the scientific terminology like “corona” and “prominence” is in katakana English:

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  1. Tokyo was the same… I got the feeling it was a little dark this morning but I couldnt tell if that was because of the eclipse.

  2. Down south here, it showed up against the light cloud cover in a rather spectacular way.

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