DPJ’s attempt at hijacking the Tokyo Prefectural Elections

When I claimed there were no real issues at stake in the upcoming prefectural election, I may have spoken too soon. Just half a day after I posted my rundown of the election, a consumer group along with DPJ and communist assembly members marched against the moving of Tsukiji market to Toyosu.

8 thoughts on “DPJ’s attempt at hijacking the Tokyo Prefectural Elections”

  1. Is that really hijacking? It sounds like a pretty legitimate issue to me. The relocation of NYC’s Fulton Fish Market was a huge deal in local politics at the time, and Tsukiji is probably even more of a landmark.

  2. According to their “Tokyo Manifesto” it’s one of their main issues in the campaign.

    新銀行東京の存続に民主はNO. 自民はYES.


  3. The hijacking part is the national party using the Tokyo election as a political tool to beat Aso with. The Tsukiji issue is a simple issue they can use for that purpose.

  4. Attack the Olympic bid, while we’re at it. Less than a hundred days left, and even Japanese news is saying that the Tokyo campaign is pretty weak compared to Madrid, Rio, and Chicago. The crux of the matter is a lack of public support for having the Olympics in Tokyo.

    There’s a lot for the DPJ to grab onto with Shintaro-related issues.

  5. Tokyo had the Olympics. If they’re going to bid to bring it to Japan again, at least pick another city! There should really be a rule that says, any one city can only get the Olympics once EVER, or at least no more than once per century.

  6. Adamu –

    Monday a week ago (June 22) the Yomiuri Shimbun published the results of a survey it had conducted of the views of 178 of the Tokyo municipal assembly candidates. The top three issues for the candidates in general were 1) reform of the medical care system, 2) higher support payments for families with children and 3) economic stimulus measures. For the DPJ candidates, however, the top three election issues were 1) reform of the medical care system, 2) unpunished malfeasance at Shin Tokyo Bank and 3) the move of the fish market from Tsukiji to Toyosu. In terms of the Tsukiji-to-Toyosu move, the splits between the parties were total and fanatical: all 55 LDP and 23 Komeito candidates surveyed were for the move, while of 53 DPJ candidates surveyed, 51 were opposed to the move, 1 was for it and 2 had no opinion.

    Opposition to or support for the Tsukiji move divides the ruling coalition from its challengers. It is hardly opportunism for the DPJ to noisily emphasize the policy differences separating the two sides.

  7. “There should really be a rule that says, any one city can only get the Olympics once EVER”

    Or perhaps they could always be in the same city (Athens) to ensure they *are* about sports and not about self-promotion….

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