Weekend in Tokyo

I will be in Tokyo Saturday and Sunday. There may be some sort of meetup, so interested parties please get in touch.

Update: Adam seemed to think I wasn’t providing enough information so here ya go/

It looks like we well be meeting 8pm to go to some izakaya in Shinjuku, with “we” so far including me, Adam, Joe, Curzon, Ben and a couple of outstanding maybes. It would be really cool if any of the regular commenters on this blog cold make it so we could finally meet in person, so get in touch regarding details.

UPDATE from Adamu: Now the venue has moved to Shibuya @ 8pm on Saturday. At any rate, don’t show up without first contacting me or Roy:

adamukun AT gmail.com
roy.berman AT gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Weekend in Tokyo”

  1. Way to oversell it!

    Looks like we will be meeting up at 8pm at Shinjuku Station to eat izakaya food. So far it’ll be Roy, Joe, me, Curzon, and Ben the Mahjong man. You can email me here:
    adamukun AT gmail.com
    or roy here:
    Roy.berman at gmail.com

    It would be great to meet some of our commenters face to face so please hit us up, we are even more fun in person \m/

  2. Sorry I missed it. Any titillating conversation that the greater MFT forum should know about?

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