Follow my awesome Google Reader shared items

Now that my work allows me to use headphones, I am using Google Reader to keep my podcasts in order and also to follow news/blogs etc.

As I do so, you might be interested to follow my Shared Items, where I’ll post the most interesting posts and my own brief commentary.

I still use my public Google Notebook, but expect this to get updated much more often.

Joe hacked this post to add: My starred items (yes, not shared — I’m the iconoclast here) can be seen here, for the two and a half of you who are interested.

6 thoughts on “Follow my awesome Google Reader shared items”

  1. Google has announced that they are killing Notebook so you ought to consider saving that stuff back to your local machine so you dont lose it.

  2. Gasp! Well it looks like they imported most of the same functionality into Reader, so I am cool with that. I will definitely be sure to back that up :oooo thanks

  3. Notebook won’t be shut down though, they’re just closing it to new accounts. Honestly, I don’t see why they should even do that. It can’t really cost them anything significant if they don’t put any more development into it.

  4. Next awesome Google Reader feature on my wishlist:

    Continuously playing podcast playlists. They already have a built-in player for mp3s and flash video, but they need one for mp4 files and they need continuous playback so i dont have to go hunting around after one finishes.

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