A tragic instance of Engrish

I say “tragic” because it could have been avoided by either (a) better spelling or (b) better model placement.


(The title is supposed to be “Shelter,” as you can tell from the tiny katakana caption in the corner.)

10 thoughts on “A tragic instance of Engrish”

  1. It’s interesting how we read that with just a few letters, and that the tip of the ‘l’ looks like the dot of an ‘i’ not helping matters any….

  2. A quick websearch indicates that Shelter is actually spelled with two Ts and and an apostrophe.

    As in, Shel’tter.

  3. It looks like my sarcastically worded comment got deleted, so let me word it more clearly.

    A quick web search indicates that the magazine is actually titled Shel’tter, with an apostrophe. So the part peeking above the model’s head is probably the apostrophe.

  4. I wonder what the point of the apostrophe is. To make it look like a comic book villain’s name?

    “Hail the mighty Shel’tter, Emperor of T’chaaak!”

  5. The publisher knows that Tsuchiya Anna’s photo will sell more copies than the meaningless title.

  6. How about “Shorter”? As in: “If she were ‘shorter’ the title would be legible.”

    Maybe all of the above are correct and not at the same time. Like Schrödinger’s cat.

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