Japan’s obsolete songs, part 1 of ?

“My Pager Won’t Ring*” the opening theme from a 1993 TV drama series. Thanks to whoever posted it and thanks in advance to the good folks at TV Tokyo for not suing the crap out of me for using their ultra-dated content.

For a more recent technology-centric piece of pop culture, may I direct you to Atlanta rapper TI’s 2005 hit “What You Know” which prominently features “chirping” the two-way walkie talkie function currently popular in US cell phones. I get the feeling it too will seem dated 14 years from now, though the smoothly-epic synth-heavy production will live on forever (as, I suspect, will jokes about “getting a midget pregnant”).

* This literal translation doesn’t quite convey the loneliness implied by the song title. Perhaps a better interpretation would be “My Pager Won’t Ring (And I Miss You)”

2 thoughts on “Japan’s obsolete songs, part 1 of ?”

  1. Something tells me that `My Humps` will never date. Humps should always be in style. Grillz on the other hand….

  2. I never got those two-way walkie talkie phones. What the video leaves out the the 45 seconds between each thing you say and actually getting a response. Why? You realize you holding a phone in your hand and could actually just talk to the person in real time, right?

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