Abe, a “cool” sunglass-donning, leather jacket-sporting man of the people

Abe meets U2’s Bono. Bono somehow loses all powers of judgment and perception and deems Japan’s prime minister to be “cool”:
Abe Bono nn20061130a3a.jpg

Abe finally moves into his official residence, but not before picking up a few things at the Tokyu Hands department store in Shibuya accompanied by his wife Akie and apparently the entirety of Japan’s news media:
Abe Tokyu Hands Nov 20061.JPG

Nice jacket! He bought pens, a stapler, some bath salts, cellophane tape, a blazer, some slacks, ties, and some books at Book First: a historical novel by Jiro Asada, and “for some reason” as Sponichi put it, five dictionaries, including an English-Japanese dictionary.

The Abes’ pet dog, a miniature dachsund named Roy, will stay behind with Shnzo’s mother at their residence.

8 thoughts on “Abe, a “cool” sunglass-donning, leather jacket-sporting man of the people”

  1. That’s my theory. More puzzling is why the prime minister feels the need to buy books when he has the entire National Diet Library at his fingertips. If he’s trying to act like a normal person he should show a little frugality for crying out loud. I doubt they even have due dates for Diet members.

  2. And if he is a fan, let’s hope he didn’t notice that I said his smile was cold and dead. That might just ruin the man’s day.

  3. University libraries have no due dates for instructors, and I think being a parliament member of a country is at least the equivalent level in the respective organization.

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