‘Peeping’ Economist Arrested Anew In Groping Case

From Nikkei:

TOKYO (Kyodo)–Economist Kazuhide Uekusa, once a well-known TV commentator who was convicted of public indecency by trying to look up a 17-year-old girl’s skirt at a Tokyo railway station in 2004, has been arrested on suspicion of molesting a 17-year-old female high school student on a train in Tokyo, police said Thursday.

On the train, the girl, a second-year high school student from Kanagawa Prefecture, raised her voice and said, ”Stop it,” and she and two other passengers seized Uekusa and handed him over to policemen who were alerted and waiting at Keikyu Kamata station.

In April 2004, Uekusa was arrested and indicted for trying to look up a girl’s skirt on an escalator of the Japan Railways Shinagawa Station in Tokyo by using a small mirror. He was a professor at Waseda University at the time.

He pleaded not guilty but did not appeal after the court convicted him and fined him 500,000 yen. His mirror was confiscated as part of the punishment.

5 thoughts on “‘Peeping’ Economist Arrested Anew In Groping Case”

  1. I love that punishment. “We’re taking a half-million yen from you. Oh, and you’re going to lose your job and all your morning TV appearance gigs. And finally, you’re going to have to turn in your 100-yen mirror!”

  2. Maybe they can hit him with a court order to refrain from direct eye contact with mirrors, sort of like the US federal probation restrictions on those convicted of computer security related crimes.

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