Asian history carnival coming soon

Apologies for a lack of posting recently. Between visitors from abroad, a trip to Thailand, lousy net connectivity at home, and a persistent and unpleasant sensation that may be, or may become a mild hernia, I just haven’t gotten any blogging done for a pretty substantial period of time. Adam and Joe have been keeping up with things here, but people are starting to talk…

I will be collating the latest installment of the Asian History Carnival on the 18th of this month. The Asian History Carnival is a semi-regular feature roundup of Asian history related blog posts

According to the main Carnival site:

When recommending postings for inclusion in the carnival you may submit your own work or suggest good posts by someone else. You may submit multiple posts, but not by the same blogger. The host, of course, is not bound by such restrictions, though we will attempt to provide as much geographical and chronological coverage as possible. Carnivals will be limited to posts written since the previous installment. As with most such carnivals, each host has final, absolute, and arbitrary authority with regard to inclusion, exclusion, scope, scale, format and presentation.

You do not have to be Asian, an historian, or a carny (you do have to be a blogger, at least once); all you have to do is blog about Asian history. Our definition of Asia, for the purposes of this carnival, is pretty much the same as that of the Association for Asian Studies: East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia, Far East, Middle East, Near East, all regions are welcome.

Any interested bloggers are invited to post their own call for submissions, and anyone is invited to submit either their own writing or some interesting post that they have stumbled across. The only requirements for submitted posts are that they be: related to Asian history in some way, not mentioned in a previous edition, and posted in the… recent past.

Please send submissions via the automated form, my own email, or the tag