The top 10 Blogs in Japan

Back in February I took a look at the top blogs in the Japanese blogosphere based on Technorati ranking. But I happened to glance at the standings again recently, and things have changed. While many of popular blogs are still in the top 20, there are a lot of new contenders. Here’s the new top 10 (as of August 23):

1. Akiba Blog – cutesy anime stuff from Akihabara (“Akiba” for short), Tokyo’s electronics district. Seems to specialize in erotic action figures.
2. Shoko-tan’s Blog – celebrity blog, up from #6 last time.
3. Ouch News – Posts stories from Japan’s news and then reprints relevant commentary from 2ch, Japan’s massive anonymous forum site. This is actually a pretty good site for those who don’t feel like sifting through all the anti-Korean comments.
4. Gigazine – tech, fast food, convenience store drinks, etc.
5. WTF LOLOLOLOLLOLLLLLL!!!!! – Comedy site that also picks up the best from 2ch. Recent post: “Mr. Amazon, this doesn’t look good…” Links to a strange “Amateur Train Rape” (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) DVD sold on amazon, with uncensored genitals on the cover (illegal in Japan).
6. Kotaro’s Blog – Flash games, animations, videos, etc.
7. New Akiba Dot Com – More cutesy Akihabara stuff, less porn. As you may have noticed, Akihabara is now known almost more for otaku culture than electronics these days.
8. Kaori Manabe – celebrity blog, down from #2 last time.
9. PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” – the title sums it up pretty well. There’s also an English version.
10. Mumur’s Blog – Politics blog “Supporting” DPJ senior official and Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member from Edogawa District Akihiro Hatsushika. He is apparently famous for telling people “You’re messed up in the head so you should go to the hospital.” More on this a little later.

5 thoughts on “The top 10 Blogs in Japan”

  1. For Murmur, I could be wrong on this, but I thought Murmur DIDN’T support Akihiro Hatsushika and the one he told to go the hospital because he was messed up in the head was Murmur him(her)self when pressed on the phone for a stance on North Korea firing missiles.

    But I only read the posts their closely if I plan on translating and reposting them, so I could be way mixed up on this….

  2. According to the link it’s not “Amateur Train (Densha) Rape”, it’s “Amateur Electric Massager (Denma) Rape”. But then again, that’s common knowledge… right?

  3. Thanks for the corrections! The Murmur site was a bit confusing. And sorry, I’ll be sure to read the porn covers more carefully next time.

  4. I am a reader of Mumur and Ouch news.

    I split one’s sides with laughter when the telephone record that assembly member Hatsushika said to Mr/Mis. Mumur, “You should go to the hospital because you were crazy” was read.
    All readers should have shouted, “The crazy one is you!!!” toward Hatsushika.

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