Asahi at its best

Today’s left-wing text-blob of hate:

Our 54-year old Auckland resident made his fortune in a housing related business back in Shikoku. There was a time when he felt a certain pride that the money he paid in taxes went to support his homeland, to provide education and build roads.

But he became disillusioned when growing budget deficits dried up cash flows to rural areas such as Shikoku.

It increasingly became apparent that all resources, be it people, things or money, got sucked up by Tokyo and big corporations.

Awww! All the money this guy made from his corporation ended up going to someone else’s bigger corporation? Shucks. He just needed to be friendlier with politicians. (Or, y’know, aim his marketing at Tokyo and big corporations to “suck” the money back.)

2 thoughts on “Asahi at its best”

  1. My girlfriend sent me an email this morning that Asahi had a full newspaper of China/Korea praise/propaganda today. She used to get Yomiuri at her house, but her mom remarried and the new guy hates Japan, so he made them switch to Asahi.

    I’ve still got Yomiuri at my house though.

  2. I’m not sure you get the point, Joe. If tax exiles really are a common occurance, then the article seems to be pointing out that it is easier just to “drop out” to New Zealand or Canada than to “just” build political connections or market to Tokyo. I happen to know one of these Japanese exiles in Auckland, where I currently live, (actually, the description in the article sounds very much like the father of a friend of mine) and I can assure you he’s quite hard-working, despite the ‘sitting on the deck sitting coffee’ image. His “son’s” business is thriving here. I doubt he would have left Japan if he felt he really could compete.

    I don’t know where they got the idea that Japanese exiles were enjoying the sun though. It’s bloody freezing at the moment.

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