People will bet on anything

You’ve probably already heard about how Ann Coulter said something stupid and offensive about widows of some WTC terrorist victims, and now thanks to the Internet you can also bet on whether or not she is going to be sued for defamation.

Analysts at posted favorable 4-6 odds that the Widows of 9/11, who were also called “self-obsessed women,” will sue Coulter for defamation. However, the chances of Ann Coulter retracting her remarks are slim with only 1-2 odds. Either way, Coulter’s outrageousness has shot her new book to number one on

Executives at have posted the following odds:

Will Ann Coulter retract her remarks?
Yes: 6-4
No: 1-2

Will the 9/11 Widows Sue Coulter for defamation?
Yes: 4-6
No: 11-10

2 thoughts on “People will bet on anything”

  1. Damn, I need to write a book calling firemen right-wing fascists who used 9-11 to shamelessly promote their profession or something. Not that I believe that, but damn.

  2. Well, I’ve long believed that Ann hasn’t seriously believed anything she’s written since High Crimes and Misdemeanors. As for betting, you can pretty much bet on anything in existence now including “Will the next word in the national spelling bee have the letter E in it?”

    In other news…
    Chinese Death Buses Roy… Chinese Death Buses

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