8 thoughts on “The crushing grip of reason”

  1. How does “Adult” fit in there? That’s not an insult. And when mixed with “scamp”… well, whatever. These people are certifiable.

  2. Based on the Chinese characters, it looks like “adult” is supposed to be the meaning that you would see in, e.g., “adult video.”

    (Jesus, did I actually type that? I need to un-learn Legal Writing)

  3. That’s not legal writing! _This_ is:

    “Adult” is typically used as a noun to mean a person who has reached the age of majority. However, it can also be an adjective of material that is inappropriate for minor consumption, such as material regarding explicit language, sexual activity, violence, or nudity. Such material can also be considered unacceptable in co-ed or public conversation and open social situations. In the English language, differentiating between the homonyms requires an analysis of the context in which the word is used.

    In the photo above, the Chinese characters suggest that a direct translation would indeed be “adult,” but the stand-alone nature should not confuse a reader proficient in the English language as to which usage of the word is intended. The protestor in this case likely desired the “adult” to mean inappropriate and offensive material, not a person having reached the age of majority.

  4. Everything’s legal with you guys, is that it?

    Babelfish tells me that 色鬼 means “sex maniac” – must be a reference to Japan’s pornogrpahy industry. Porn is legal in Japan and not in China or Korea, so maybe that makes Japan a perverted race to some people.

  5. I really got surprised by that picture that is there.

    I just wanna know that Do they wanna say “adultery”? Or do they meant about the Japnese Pornography industry.

    Well there is a bit confusion………….. 🙁

  6. The Chinese word 色鬼 definitely means sex maniac/addict. I don’t that “adult” is short for “adultry” so much as a lousy back-formation from “adult video.”

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