Creative Solutions from the Cambodian Hospitality Industry

Mrs. Adamu brings us a highlight from her trip to Cambodia:

cambodian solutions.jpg

More from Mrs. Adamu and my own trip to Thailand in days to come.

UPDATE: For those of you who thought this might NOT be the hotel being cheap about stolen towels, here are the $7 towels in question:


Added facility? Sure… for me to poop on!

6 thoughts on “Creative Solutions from the Cambodian Hospitality Industry”

  1. This might be an added facility on the part of the hotels for their own and visitors convienence..

  2. Oh sweet I didn’t even realized the letter is addressed “Dear, Quests:”

    I guess if you were on a quest for free towels that hotel would be a dead end.

  3. I’m just going to delete the URLs from these spam comments and pretty soon I might just not allow URLs at all!

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