Fujimori free?

We’ve posted on the confusing case of Alberto Fujimori before, particularly this post by Joe, and mine on whether his Japanese citizenship seems to be legal or not, but I am a little surprised to see him free on bail within Chile.

Here’s the brief AP story:

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A Chilean Supreme Court panel freed former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori on bail Thursday while he fights extradition on corruption and human right charges.

The president of the court panel, Enrique Curi, said the justices voted 4-1 to allow the former authoritarian leader to go free, but they prohibited him from leaving Chile.

Fujimori had been under arrest here since November 2005 after the Peruvian government requested his extradition. Fujimori arrived here after living in exile in Japan for five years.

Curi said the bail amount would be determined by the judge handling the extradition trial. Fujimori could be free later Thursday.

According to Asahi, he is also restricted from making political statements and appears to have also been decided that he will remain within the Santiago house that a supporter has lent to him. The extradition trial deciding whether he will be sent to Peru continues.

2 thoughts on “Fujimori free?”

  1. Strange decision given that Fujimori is notorious for fleeing prosecution!

  2. The really sad part is that Fujimori was probably the best president Peru has had in the past 50 years. Had it not been for him, the Sendero Luminoso would now be in charge.

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