Hosting problems

Our web host, Lunarpages, sent me this helpful message the day before yesterday.

Dear Roy Berman,

The following ticket has been created by a member of our staff for you

Your question’s details:

============== Title: ==============
Account Moved to Sputnik – Excessive Resources

============== Message: ==============

Your account is utilizing excessive resources, causing a significant
degradation of services on the server. This is a shared environment and we can
not allow one user to utilize the majority of the resources on a server as it
affects all users adversely. Because of this, you have been temporarily moved
to the Sputnik server. A detail of the problem is shown below:

Ave %CPU: 5.47
AVE %MEM: 1.22
Mysql Processes: 0.5

Top Process %CPU 44.6 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 33.0 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 30.5 /usr/bin/php

We moved you to Sputnik first to solve the issue of the degraded service on
the server and second as a courtesy in order to prevent any downtime on your
siteto allow you time to rectify the situation. Currently, your site is not
suitable for a shared hosting environment.

Sputnik is not a production server and is not guaranteed to run in the same
manner as your old server nor will it support all functions you may have. This
is a transitional server only and is not intended to be a permanent placement.
Please make a decision on how you would like to proceed within seven (7) days.
After seven (7) days, your account will be suspended if no other arrangements
are made.

You may log into Sputnik using or You will not be able to log into Sputnik
using the Lunarpages main login page as the server is non-production and not
available via that page.

You have the following options:

1. You may upgrade your package to our Dedicated hosting plan. For more
information on the features and pricing, please see

2. You may take steps to correct the problem. This must be done before the
seven (7) days are up. You will need to let the technician know the steps you
took to correct the issue and get approval before being returned to a
production server.

Please note that the above mentioned resource usage is due to PHP processing.
Since we do not have the exact scripts to provide (since the manner in which
PHP scripts are provided on the server only shows the username and not the
script name causing the high usage), you would need to review your accountfor
scripts that may be the cause. Please check ones such as forums, blogs,
content management systems, and galleries as these are especially likely to
create high usage.

Please note that the acceptable usage range for shuttle and voyager plans is
1.0% average %CPU or less, 1.0% average %Memory or less and Top Processes
below 20%.

3. You may look for a dedicated server or other hosting solution. Please
remember that propagation takes up to seventy two (72) hours so if you decide
on changing hosts you should allow enough time for propagation.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We value you as a customer and
want to work with you toward a solution that is mutually beneficial. Please
let us know as quickly as possible how you would like to proceed.

Best Regards,
Justin Jereza
JSAI-System Administrator Team
Phone: 1-877-LUNARPAGES/1-877-586-2772 (U.S. & Canada – Toll-free)
Phone: 0800-072-9150 (U.K – Toll-free)
Phone: 1-714-521-8150 (International)

In the process of moving the blog to their backup server, they also managed to erase the user database portion of the SQL database, which is why the site has not been working properly recently. I just re-ran the wordpress install script and created a new admin account so I can log in and do things, but I’m not going to bother recreating the other users and fixing everything until the hosting issues are resolved.

I don’t know if lunarpages is going to properly restore my service or not, but I am probably going to seek a new host after this, so please email me with suggestions.

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  1. Amida: he was talking about blogspot, the free hosting service for blogger, not the blogger service itself. There are a large number of sites out there linking to, and I don’t want to move to any service that would break links to old articles, as blogger surely would.

  2. Um, seeing as you were talking about hosting problems, I guess that makes sense. Doh! Good luck getting it all sorted out….

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