Cut off by floods, man survives on frogs

Wed Apr 5, 2006 09:37 AM ET
PRAGUE (Reuters)

– A Czech man ate frogs and other small animals for four days after he was trapped on an island cut off by flooding, the daily Pravo reported Wednesday.

Zdenek Bucek, 30, was taking a short-cut through the woods near the southeastern town of Breclav when a flood wave trapped him on a small patch of high ground.

Bucek was not carrying a cell phone and the water was too cold to swim through. To survive, he caught frogs and drank the floodwater until he flagged down an emergency crew passing by on a boat four days later.

“I had no idea a flood was coming. I had not even noticed that the forests were declared off limits,” he said.

Pravo said Bucek had matches, but did not elaborate on how he preferred his frogs.

Floods from rain and melting snow have killed at least six Czechs over the past week and forced thousands to flee their homes.

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  1. That’s good that he survives as long as he didn’t feed on Mutant Frogs. Oh. 😉 Yeah, um…sorry about that. 😛

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