You know you’ve been in Aum Shinrikyo too long when…

Pure evilYou think Dave Spector is the Antichrist:

“Issue 6 [of Aum official magazine Vajrayana Sacca] ran a feature [in late 1994] entitled “Manual of Terror: The Jewish Ambition,” which cites the Jewish people and the freemasons [as forces working to destroy Japan and conquer the world]. Of great interest is the article, “WANTED! The Black Elites Who Sold Their Souls to the Devil,” which introduces and comments on 12 Japanese people and two foreigners:

“The Dark Emperor (暗黒帝王), Ichiro Ozawa [senior DPJ leader] (trying to build a Japan that is subordinated to the world unified government).

“The 6th Demon (第六天魔), Daisaku Ikeda [founder charismatic leader of Soka Gakkai] (General of the vanguard army to destroy Japan)

“The Puppet Emperor (傀儡皇帝 かいらいこうてい), Emperor Naruhito (Had the ideas of masonry beaten into him from childhood via teachers poisoned with Jewish thought. The imperial family is already hijacked by them)

“Queen of the Ruined Country (亡国后妃 ぼうこくこうひ), Masako Owada [now known as Crown Princess Masako] (She is a person who worked to help American multinational corporations and pushed Japanese companies to destruction!)

“The rest are Lord of Ruin (没落大名), Morihiro Hosokawa [former Prime Minister]; The Three-day Ruler (三日天下), Tsutomu Hata [former Prime Minister]; Ambassor of Hell (地獄大使), Hisashi Owada [noted diplomat and father of Princess Masako]; Death’s Apprentice (死の丁稚 しのでっち), Yasushi Akashi [former UN Under-secretary general for peacekeeping operations]; Killer of Refugees (難民殺し), Sadako Ogata [former UN High Commissioner of Refugees]; Father of Beasts (家畜の父), Rev. Sun Myung Moon [founder of the Unification Church]; Heart of Extreme Evil (極悪用心), Ryoichi Sasakawa [prewar gangster and accused war criminal turned boat racing magnate and Nobel Peace Prize candidate]; Electric Geisha (電波芸者), Dave Spector [White American TV personality in Japan]; Wholesaler to America (米国問屋), Yasuhiro Nakasone [notoriously powerful former Prime Minister]; and the Human Bomb (人間爆弾), Ken’ichi Ohmae [powerful businessman and political mover].”

[Translated from The Aum Shinrikyo Incidents by Shoichi Fujita, p. 64; notes in brackets by me]

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  1. Wouldn’t it be scary if Aum teamed up with Lyndon Larouche, author of such enthralling works as, “How ‘The Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism’ — Ruined the U.S.A. and Gave Us ‘Beast-Man’ Cheney”?

  2. “The 6th Demon (第六天魔), Daisaku Ikeda [founder of Soka Gakkai] (General of the vanguard army to destroy Japan)”

    If anybody can make Ikeda seem less nutty, it’s these guys.

  3. Man, I noticed that the Daisaku Ikeda article on Wiki was obviously written by a Gakkai follower. He completely dismisses Soka Gakkai’s controversy as “made up by the LDP.”

  4. Adamu, I must ask you, what controversy? I find whenever SG is discussed, one hears a lot of rumour and innuendo, but never anything concrete. With AUM (and other bonkers religions like the Co$) it’s pretty obvious what’s wrong and there’s no end of hard evidence, but with DI and SG it’s usually just rehashings of nonsense from the weeklies (have you ever done an article on how effective libel laws are in Japan?) that has been settled in the courts.

    (Of course, SG is very keen to use the courts, and there are certain doctrinal issues that are rather suspect.)

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to hearing about their assassination plans!

  5. I’ll let Roy get into the details of the assassination attempt, but as to what makes Soka Gakkai controversial.. Sure, on the surface they are not much different from the regular Nichiren Buddhist sect. but the fact is they operate on Ikeda’s cult of personality, and that is enough to make them off-putting in ultra-secular Japan. In addition, they have undertaken a huge effort to win popular support, resulting in the enormous success of the Komeito party. That is enough to make any non-convert wonder about Soka Gakkai’s involvement in everyday life. It doesn’t help that many popular entertainers are Soka Gakkai followers.

  6. Last year, at my local pub, I heard an SGI convert praisingly describe Ikeda as, I kid you not, “the bad boy of Buddhism.”


    But who am I to judge? If it’s good enough for Tina Turner and Orlando Bloom, it’s certainly good enough for teachers at ECC.

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