More obligatory cherry blossoms

These were out in bloom last weekend by Kitanomaru Park, the area on the north side of the Imperial Palace around the Budokan (across the road from Yasukuni, which also has some gorgeous flowers in bloom).

This is the first sakura season I’ve seen since high school. Very, very natsukashii. One of the partners in our office, a retired judge who’s been practicing law since my parents were in diapers, insisted on taking a walk down Uchibori-dori after lunch the other day. Quite an excellent idea; nothing but pink flowers and gawking pedestrians in either direction. Times like this make me feel like there’s no place I’d rather be in the world. (Then I get on the Ginza Line and I just want to choke people.)

2 thoughts on “More obligatory cherry blossoms”

  1. Man, I didn’t realize you hadn’t seen the sakura since high school. That rocks!

    Obligatory they may be, but for some reason it’s hard to get sick of the cherry blossoms. Japan’s got to be the only country where it’s manly to love pretty flowers.

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