OK, so I had a dream with this insane concept for a movie

I have lunch with Roland Soong and his Chinese girlfriend (petite, bubbly voice, intelligent) at a Chinese restaurant in a Japanese city (Osaka?). We discuss poverty in Japan and China and I mention something about a black underclass in Japan. We discuss other really intelligent things and then go and take some kind of weird water ride that’s kind of like underwater paddleboats. The end of the ride deposits us in a huge pond where this funny white guy is splashing everyone.

Then we walk outside the building, which was white with this glass exterior. I have a thought that I really like it when people have toothy grins and the reason I don’t like people sometimes is just because their smiles are a little off, or really just not toothy enough.

Then it cuts away from me and this cute little black kid is in an alley near the pond at the end of the ride. He is with some adults (also black) who are doing drugs and sitting by the water. Wait no, the man is skinny, white, a redneck. He makes some woeful and cynical comments about the world, and the black woman he is with just kind of sits there. She’s high I guess.

The last part before I wake up is the little black kid singing a Mariah Carey-esque ballad. It’s so sad and momentous and has strings. It’s about people getting along ostensibly but is more about how tragic life can be in general. I still have the tune in my head.

6 thoughts on “OK, so I had a dream with this insane concept for a movie”

  1. Man, if I ran a studio, I would be throwing money at you right now to see this made.

    Of course, that might explain why nobody lets me run a studio.

  2. Maybe Roland can get his HK film industry contacts to scrounge up some venture funding. The cute black kid would be a huge hit I think, especially if he sang “Always Be My Baby.”

  3. The picture is the best example I found on Google Image Search of a nice toothy smile. Not sure what role she’d have in the movie… maybe some kind of mental image.

    She’s a British model named Gemma Atkinson, fyi.

  4. Okay, one mystery solved. I’m sure we’re work Gemma Atkinson somewhere into the script, with or without her approval or awareness.

    Next puzzle: I don’t have a “petite, bubbly voice, intelligent” girlfriend. My preference tends to be “six-feet-tall, bubbly voice, an apparent air-head but actually well-disguised, self-deprecating intellectual.” (Oh! That’s actually me!)

    How shall reality cope with expediency? Who shall we recruit for that role?

  5. 6 feet tall with a bubbly voice? Not exactly the type of girl one meets every day! Japanese actress and tall drink of water Nanako Matsushima may be best for this role.

    The only other person I can think of at the moment is Australian basketball star Lauren Jackson. Not sure if she meets the hidden intellectual requirement, but you can check out her spread in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition here and maybe gain some insight. I’m sure she’d be amenable to a film career after her stint in pro basketball.

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