Living the sky-high life

By the south end of “Big Bird,” the JAL terminal at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, I spotted this:

This is where the Grand Poo-Bahs go to board their airplanes. Have I just found a totally awesome paparazzi perch? Or is this the future I have to look forward to when they elect me Prime Minister?

2 thoughts on “Living the sky-high life”

  1. Cool find. I’m sure the place is packed whenever Nicolas Cage flies in.

    BTW, may I ask just what you were doing at Haneda airport? You were just there hanging out again, weren’t you?!

  2. Well, I like airplanes, and Wikipedia had no photos of Haneda… Yes, I have no life.

    I’m actually going there to catch a flight out of town this weekend (the trip mentioned in my hotel reservation post a little while back).

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